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The Ultimate Guide To Camper Trailer Loans

Chapter 1

What Is a Camper Trailer Finance

Chapter 2

Comparing New and Used Camper Trailers

Chapter 3

What Are Types of Financing to Consider in Getting a Camper Trailer

Chapter 4

5 Practical Reasons to Buy a Camper Trailer

Chapter 5

Loan Requirements for Camper Trailer Financing

Chapter 6

Camper Trailer Parking

Chapter 7

Nature Strip Parking

chapter 1

What Is a Camper Trailer Finance

A camper trailer loan goes just the same way as the other types of vehicle loan: you buy a camper trailer by borrowing money from a lender, then pay back your debt with its interest over an agreed period of time.


You may be required by other lenders to offer your camper trailer as security for the money you borrow (secured loan). While you may go for an unsecured loan. Some loan providers may even ask if you may want to lessen your regular repayment amount through a balloon payment at the end of the loan contract.

chapter 2

How to Compare Camper Trailer Loans

Below are ways to compare camper trailer loans:

1. Ensuring that the finance provider is credible and honest.
2. Considering the term of the loan.

Ask yourself:

3. Looking for a competitive interest rate.
4. Reviewing the loan fees carefully.

Lastly,you need to read all loan documents carefully for more information on any fees you will have to pay. It is necessary to be aware of the penalty in case you miss a repayment. Also, take note of the application and ongoing fees that may greatly affect the overall cost of the loan.

chapter 3

Types of Financing to Consider in Getting a Camper Trailer

You may consider the following types of financing when buying a camper trailer:

Unsecured personal loan:

With this type of loan, you won’t be required to offer your camper trailer as collateral. The increased risk to the lender means higher interest rates for the loan. You, however, can only borrow up to $50,000, which should be repaid within 1 and 7 years, depending on the repayment terms.

Secured personal loan:

This type of loan allows you to use the camper trailer as security, and at a reasonably lower interest rate. You, however, risk having the camper trailer repossessed should you default the loan. On the flip side, you can get financing of up to $100,000 for the camper, with up to 7 years repayment plans.

Loan from a camper trailer finance specialist:

Seeking funding from a specialist within this field of business can help you get a more refined loan option. These specialists offer both unsecured and secured loan options for camper trailers. You will find these a little more attractive than other lenders.

chapter 4

5 Practical Reasons to Buy a Camper Trailer

Australia is one of the leading tourist and travel destinations in the world. The vast country offers a wide range of sceneries and destinations for all. Travelling the country by road makes it easier to enjoy every part of your stay in the country, as well as get to interact with the locals here. Whether planning a quick family getaway or looking forward to an around-Australia journey, a camper trailer will make your trip worthwhile. Camper trailers not only offer the convenience needed when touring the country, but also provide affordable accommodation. Here are five practical reasons why you should invest in a camper trailer.

1. A Camper Trailer Is a Mobile Home

A camper trailer offers all the comforts and conveniences you have at your home. The best thing with this is that you get to take it with you wherever you wish to go. The camper also eliminates the need to book an expensive hotel room for every one of you. Everyone can, therefore, enjoy every moment of the trip in a relaxed environment, and even never have to worry about checking back to a hotel room.

2. It Is More Affordable

Camper trailers are a more affordable option when compared to caravans. With just a few thousand dollars, you could be a proud owner of a camper trailer. You can either save up for the camper or seek financing with the same. Most loaning institutions will be more than willing to finance your dream. These institutions offer a wide range of loan options and especially for those looking to buy a camper trailer.

3. It Is Easy To Haul

A camper trailer is considerably much smaller and lightweight, hence much easier to tow as compared to the bulkier caravans.

4. It Provides Convenience

Camper trailers come equipped with modern-day conveniences such as a built-in kitchen, comfortable beds, and lots of storage. This thus makes it the best value for money if looking for adaptability, versatility, and affordability.

5. It Provides a Better Way to Escape the Crowds of Tourists

Camper trailers make it possible for you to access holiday destinations that seem out-of-the-way or hard to reach in Australia. This can be particularly thrilling for those looking to explore the many attractions that the country (continent) has to offer. As an added benefit, you never have to worry about airports, long flights, currency change over, and culture shock while touring this vast country. Unlike caravans, camper trailers handle particularly well off-road. This gives you the freedom to explore destinations only daring people would. You don’t have to be worried about your health or Medicare covers either. This is because medical care is free for as long as you are within the country. With new virus infections and terrorism making it hard to travel overseas, exploring Australia’s destinations and sceneries is the better and safer option.

chapter 5

Loan Requirements for Camper Trailer Financing

Are you looking to apply for a camper trailer loan? The first step will be to check if you are eligible for the loan. For you to be able to apply (and get approval), you need to:

Be sure to compare different types of loans offered before applying for one. Compare the various loan types with different lenders to get/have an idea of how much they charge in interest. To apply for the loan, you will need to provide:

It is after verifying the information provided in your loan application that the lender can process and even approve your loan. Some lenders offer same-day financing too.

Loan Terms For Camper Trailers

Although most RV loans have extended terms of about 15 to 20 years, not all lenders follow this rule. Many lenders will offer both long and short-term loans, depending on the agreement. This is one of the reasons why you need to evaluate your options, and ability to repay the loan before committing to their terms and conditions. You can choose short-term RV loans that come with higher (regular) repayment amounts or choose the long-term option with more manageable amounts running for an extended period. Long-term loans, however, tend to be costlier in the long run.

chapter 6

Camper Trailer Parking

1. Camper trailers (registered towable vehicles) weighing less than 4.5 tonnes and under 7.5 metres long can be parked on the street. As long as there are no restrictions on the parking bay, you can park your camper trailer (legally) just like any other car. Regular parking rules apply for all.


2. Vehicles weighing more than 4.5 tonnes and more than 7.5, metres long shouldn’t/cannot be packed on the streets for more than one hour. This is mostly applicable in built-up areas.


There are, however, two exceptions for this. These are:


a. If the vehicle is dropping off or picking up goods.
b. Parking signs allow it.


The 7.5 metre applies to both the towable vehicle and the car. That said, the one-hour parking restriction applies. You also shouldn’t forget to leave at least 3 metres clearance for other vehicles when you park.

chapter 7

Nature Strip Parking

You are prohibited from parking/driving on a nature strip unless leaving a petrol station, car park, or leaving a driveway where the strip is designed for this purpose. The other exceptions include driving a motorised wheelchair, driving a ride-on mower, or when delivering the mail.


Some nature strips are designed to provide parking bays, hence ok to park or drive on. You, however, shouldn’t drive or park on a grassed or dirt nature strip.


Always remember to leave 3 metres when you park your camper trailer on the street to allow other vehicles to pass.

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The Best Partner to Find New House.

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