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The Ultimate Guide To Harley-Davidson Loans

Chapter 1

What Is a Harley-Davidson Loan

Chapter 2

How You Can Compare Harley-Davidson Loans

Chapter 3

7 Important Things to Consider Before Getting Harley-Davidson Loan

Chapter 4

Harley-Davidson Financing Made Easy

Chapter 5

What Loan Options Are Available to Finance a Harley-Davidson?

Chapter 6

Key Tips Before Purchasing a Used Harley-Davidson Model

chapter 1

What Is a Harley-Davidson Loan

Dreaming to ride on a Harley? This ideal bike costs up to $50,000 for certain limited-edition models. It is indeed an expensive one realizing the fact that you need to prepare for the added costs of riding gear, maintenance and licences.Therefore, the business of having one of these iconic bikes becomes costly. The good news is, loans for Harley Davidson are within easy reach.


Whether you are planning to get a new or a used model, it is a great time to be exploring different options for Harley Davidson loan. Not only will you discover varied loan terms but also different repayment options appropriate to this kind of purchase.

chapter 2

How You Can Compare Harley-Davidson Loans

You’ll need to take into consideration several factors when getting a Harley Davidson loan. Think about your capacity to pay, desired payment options, and loan fees.


If you are getting a loan from a bank or any private lender, you will have to review the interest rates and terms, the cost of loan, payment plan,and the maintenance requirements for your bike. 


Careful comparison of interest and fees will save you from burning a hole in your pocket. After finding the best loan deal, it is time to contact the lender and ask if you are qualified.

chapter 3

7 Important Things to Consider Before Getting a Harley-Davidson Loan

The following are a number of things that you need to consider when planning to buy your Harley:


1. Have a Riding Experience

If you don’t have any experience riding a bike, then it is highly advisable to go for something smaller than a Harley-Davidson. Consider taking lessons and getting some experience on a motorcycle prior to making a serious investment.


2. Check the Bike

In case you are purchasing the bike from an individual, then it is crucial to ensure that you are getting exactly what was advertised. Arrange a meeting to inspect the bike for sale. If you are inexperienced, go in the company of someone who has substantial knowledge about Harley-Davidsons. Request to check service records and warranties for replaced parts.


3. Take Secured/Unsecured Loan

It is worth nothing that you might not be able to get some secured loans if a vehicle is over a particular age. In case you want to purchase a used Harley, then find out from the lender if it can be used as security. If it isn’t possible, or if you don’t want to use the Harley as security, then think about taking out an unsecured loan.


4. Check for the Insurance

Regardless of if it is new or used, a Harley-Davidson should be insured as it is an investment. If your lender doesn’t provide insurance, then find out what options you have at a Harley-Davidson dealership.


5. Find Out Preferred Loan Fees and Interests

Fees will vary from lender to lender, hence it is crucial to find out the fees that you will be paying and also the interests.


6. Consider the Maintenance Cost

Same as with cars and houses which require regular care and maintenance, a Harley-Davidson also needs regular servicing. This is particularly so in the case of used models. Take into account maintenance cost when coming up with your budget.


7. Find Out the License Restrictions

Motorcycle licenses come with CC restrictions. Riding a bike that is bigger than what your licensing allows is illegal. However, these rules vary from state to state, thus you have to find out in advance.

We protect your credit score

At Credit Capital, as we pride ourselves on building lifelong relationships with our clients, we go above and beyond to ensure that your credit score is looked after. We do all the work ourselves up front, before submitting an application to a lender, to ensure that who we apply to is 100% the best lender for your individual circumstances, and the approval is almost guaranteed.

chapter 4

Harley-Davidson Financing Made Easy

Do you have your eyes set on a Harley? Keep in mind that to get one of these iconic, you need a considerable investment as they can come with price tags of up to $50,000 for some limited-edition models. Considering the additional costs of acquiring riding gear, licenses, and maintenance, owning one of these iconic motorcycles can quickly become an expensive venture. Fortunately, this is where loans for Harley-Davidsons come in handy.


After finding the bike of your dreams, there are several loan options available designed specifically for buying it. Regardless of if you are planning to buy a used or brand new model, then it is wise to explore finance brokers offering specific Harley-Davidson loan packages since they are provided with terms and repayments ideal for this kind of purchase.

chapter 5

What Loan Options Are Available to Finance a Harley-Davidson?


You can choose to apply with a bank. But in case you have poor credit or outstanding debt, then you have very slim chances of securing a loan.


The other option is a finance broker. The broker will send your application to numerous different lenders, and this helps to raise your chances of getting the loan approved. While unconventional lenders may have less strict lending criteria, the loan terms and interest rates may be less changeable.


Some lenders provide customers with a loan package to finance the bike you like to buy, in addition to parts and accessories. The customers make direct-debit payments monthly or fortnightly, together with fees and interests.


Acquiring a loan from your bank can, at times, be difficult, particularly if you don’t have a good credit record. But even if you have a perfect credit record, considering that banks have a monopoly of the market, they are able charge higher rates than their smaller competitors. Hence, it is wise to do some shopping around for alternative options being offered before getting in touch with your bank.


There exist various different loans from non-bank lenders that you can opt for, and all have slightly different features:

chapter 6

Key Tips Before Purchasing a Used Harley-Davidson Model

There are crucial factors to take into account when planning to buy a used Harley, instead of a new bike. Prospective owners should carry out some research before acquiring a used Harley-Davidson. 


What should riders know about buying used?

Find out what you have to look out for before becoming the present owner of a used Harley-Davidson to avoid future frustrations.


Fully Understand What You Can Handle

Eyes can widen with anticipation and you can think that a model that is more substantial will be much easier to ride. But purchasing a bike that proves to be more than the rider can handle brings about disappointment and/or the risks of future accidents.


Novice and inexperienced riders need to know the excellent models that they can manage easily. People with a smaller body frame might need to go for smaller models as this makes it simpler to stop short or negotiate a serious turn. Here are the tips to choose the most ideal model:


  1. Make a visit to dealerships to find out more about models and their features;
  2. Going to your preferred bike rallies to test drive a wide range of models as provided from their manufacturers; and
  3. Take a look at the reviews and comments by other riders for different viewpoints.
  4. Get word-of-mouth information from friends, and also the above recommendations to get a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of available models.


Learn About the History

Buying a used bike isn’t the same as buying a new one. This is due to the fact that the buyers won’t get a warranty for their bike. In the case of purchasing from a private seller, it is crucial to have the bike inspected, request for maintenance records and see if the seller is reluctant to respond to such requests. Stay away from sellers who can’t provide the details required to make a more informed purchasing decision. Purchasing from a private seller might not provide any sort of protection, same as if they would have bought a lemon.


A number of people planning to buy used bikes are usually willing to acquire a used bike from a Harley-Davidson seller to get a little more assurance that the bike isn’t in need of any outstanding repairs. The owner of the bike can get “certified pre-owned” Harleys from a franchised dealer, together with a warranty or guarantee and full-service history. A person considering purchasing from a private party might get enough information on a used bike if planning to buy a “single-owner” bike with all the required records. Prior to buying, potential buyers can perform a search on the title history by utilising a motorcycle vehicle history report website for information on investigations, complaints and any recalls that might have been made on a specific model or make of Harley-Davidson.

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